Tigers Mind

Tigers Mind (Denmark/Norway)

2015年02月20日(金) 福岡 New Combo
Open 18:00 / Start 19:00
当日¥3,000 /前売り¥2,500(飲食代別途)

Danielle Dahl: saxophones
Niklas Adam: electronics
Thomas Eiler: drums


デンマーク出身ノルウェー在住のマルチ奏者&コンポーザーの Niklas Adam、同じくデンマーク出身ノルウェー在住のサックス奏者 Danielle Dahl、デンマーク人ドラマー Thomas Eiler によるインプロヴィゼイションバンド。

かれらは、オーストリア、デンマーク、ノルウェー、ドイツ、日本を巡り、Jazzjuice Festival、Aarhus Jazzfestival などにも参加。そして、Margaret Unknown、河野円、Travis LaPlante、山内桂、mattin との共演を果たした。またメンバー個人として、Jim Denley, Frisk Frugt、中村としまる、Wadada Leo Smith 等々と共演した。

Danielle Dahl (saxophones)
Norwegian saxophone player and composer. She has toured extensively in Europe, as well as in Australia and in the US, both in with her own projects and in diferent ad hoc-constellations. Danielle is interested in the extremes of sonicvariations possible on the acoustic saxophone, combining subtle and minimal means of expression with the aesthetics of noise and freejazz.

Thomas Eiler (drums)
A well known name on the Danish jazz/improv scene, both as a sideman and contractor for own projects.
Bands and collabrations includes the common man avantgarde group SVIN, Jesper Zeuthen, Frisk Frugt and Walter Thompson.

Niklas Adam (electronics)
Danish multi-instrumentalist and composer living in Norway. Also works with photography and sculpture, in addition to soundart and music. Adam uses the mixer and other analog devices to generate electronic sounds with an inherent acoustic or human nature and thus plays on the tension between the physical and the intangible.

Tigers Mind (Denmark/Norway)
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